Reminders for 2019

Some reminders and announcements before we release the links for Vendor & Competition Registration:

Vendors: All Registration will be done ONLINE and you will not be locked in until we receive your payment. This is first come first serve basis. 

Competition Hawaiian: Last year we started the HUI ʻIA Division (GROUP COMBO) this year we add the PĀLUA Division (PARTNER SOLO). The Pālua will be 1-kane and 1-wahine and it will be part of the SOLO CATEGORIES for all ages ʻauana and kahiko. We had some people ask for this and we hope we get some entries. 

Competition Tahitian: We are making some changes and enhancements to this portion of Hōʻike Hawaiʻi and will be announcing them soon. 

Competition All: REGISTRATION will be done ONLINE. This is to keep everything in one place and not having to worry about lost mail or looking up paypal payments. We pay for our website and we need to make full use of all of its SECURE features available to us. 

It has been decided that if there is only ONE entry in a category we will CANCEL it and if the schedule permits we will allow them to be an exhibition entry only. 

Exhibition Request will not be taken until after June 1. This is to ensure we do not have too many exhibition performances which extends our program. 

SPONSORS: We are always looking for ways to partner with community entities and small businesses. Sponsorships help us keep Hōʻike Hawaiʻi running as well as helps us to keep our cost as low as we can keep it. Please reach out to friends and families who want to partner with Hōʻike Hawaiʻi. 

We are looking forward to another amazing Hōʻike Hawaiʻi next year with all of your continued support and above all ALOHA!