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Theme for 2017 is:

Aloha'Ia Na 'Imi Loa:
"Love and Affection To The Far Seekers"

Shooting for:
July 22, 23 2017

All Competition
Entry Mele must
be olelo Hawai’i...

In order to be consistent and appropriate in our cultural presentations, going forward,
all Hawaiian competition
songs must be in the
Hawaiian language. This
includes ‘auana groups
and solos and kahiko
groups and solos.


We may reconsider but until
that time DO NOT Enter of Pay
to do exhibitions online
because your payment
will not be refunded.

E Komo Mai...

Mahalo to everyone who participated and supported Ho'ike Hawai'i's successful 19th annual hula competition this summer of July 2016.

The success of our event is due to the support and participation of everyone who attended icluding all the people who did exhibition shows. To all the Kumu and Halau who have participated in our Orlando, Florida Hula Competition, mahalo for your kokua to preserve and support the Polynesian culture and sharing it with the people of Florida.
– Hoike Hawai'i Coordinators

Hula Mele Already Selected for 2017 Competition:
Songs can only be reserved if competition entry fees are received by us.


Na Pe'a Hokule'a
Na Lima 'Olu Ma Ke Kai

He 'Aina Kona Na Lima 'Olu Ma Ke Kai
'Aina Moloka'i Na Lima 'Olu Ma Ke Kai
A Luna I Ka Pali Na Lima 'Olu Ma Ke Kai
Mahalo E Hilo Hanakahi Na Lima 'Olu Ma Ke Kai
Hawai'i Kamaha'o Na Lima 'Olu Ma Ke Kai

E Wai'anae
Halau Ku Pono I Kamalani

Ia 'Oe E Ka La E 'Alohi Nei
Hau'oli Hula Halau

Aloha Tower/Royal Hawaiian Hotel
Hau'oli Hula Halau

Halau 'O Kilakiliapilialohaikapu'uwai
Ka Ipo Lei Manu
Halau 'O Kilakiliapilialohaikapu'uwai

E Nihi Ka Hele Halau Kahealani
Hilo Hula Halau Kahealani
Kaiona Halau Kahealani
Honomuni Halau Kahealani

Wahine 'Ilikea Hanalei Dancers
Kimo Henderson Hula Hanalei Dancers

I Kona –Halau Hula 'O Hoku'olino
Hawai'i No E Ka 'Oi Halau Hula 'O Hoku'olino
Queens Jubilee Halau Hula 'O Hoku'olino


No Luna I Ka Hale Kai No Ka Ma'alewa

Halau Ku Pono I Kamalani

He Mele Maka'ika'i no 'Emalani Halau Kahealani
E Ho'i Ka Nani i Mana Halau Kahealani
Kunihi Ka'ena Holo i Ka Malie Halau Kahealani

E Ho'i Ke Aloha I Ni'ihau Maoli Hula Studio



designed to help our
Ohana keep in touch.


By attending, exhibiting or participating at the annual Ho’ike Hawai’i event, you are consenting to the collection and use of any personal images by photography and/or video recording. You also acknowledge these may be used for promotional purposes by Ho’ike Hawai’i, Inc. for current and future events.

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