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Theme for 2016 is:

"A beautiful realm celebrating the
elements of nature;
earth, air (wind),
water & fire"

July 23, 24 2016

The Kumu Hula?s Hula this year is one of Uncle Hanks Favorite mele that we all heard him sing or always humming,

All Competition
Entry Mele must
be olelo Hawai’i...

In order to be consistent and appropriate in our cultural presentations, going forward,
all Hawaiian competition
songs must be in the
Hawaiian language. This
includes ‘auana groups
and solos and kahiko
groups and solos. There is
NO limit to the Elements
that can be used by a halau,
group or individual. Different
elements may be used
for each entry.

Due to time constraints,
exhibition numbers will
be limited and by invitation
only. Should a group wish
to perform an exhibition
number, they may submit
their requests to
We will take the requests
into consideration. However,
we do not make any promises
that they will be approved.
If approved, the requestor will
be notified in a timely manner.


E Komo Mai...

ALL ARE WELCOME! Ho'ike Hawai'i, a not-for-profit organization in Florida, invites you to enjoy two days of music, dance, and fun as we share the unique culture and arts from islands of the South Pacific. Come share the Aloha Spirit and be a part of our Ohana! This is an open invitation to all hula halau (schools), dance groups and individuals who wish to participate

Entries for Hawaiian hula and Polynesian dance are being accepted. Submit your entries and fees early before the deadline to avoid late fees. For all group 'Auana entries, please email your mele to be posted on our website, once you’ve sent your entry forms and fees in. Go to Competition page for rules and entry forms.

The two-day hula competition focuses on the unique culture dance, costume and music styles of the various islands, such as Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa and New Zealand. Participants from diverse cultures will be showcasing their knowledge and love for the Polynesian lifestyle and come from all corners of North America and Hawaii to compete and perform what they have learned.


Hula Mele Already Selected for 2016 Competition:
Songs can only be reserved if competition entry and fees are received by us.

Ka Nohona Pili Kai Hanalei Dancers
Waikiki Hula Halau Hanalei Dancers

Kahi Kai A'o Mamala

Ka Pa Hula 'Umoumou

Kaulana Wale 'Oe Kaua'i Ka Pa Hula 'Umoumou
Aia Ka Noho Iuka O Puna
Ka Pa Hula 'Umoumou
Hilo HanakahiKa Pa Hula 'Umoumou
Pua I Lehua Ka MakaniKa Pa Hula 'Umoumou
AlekokiKa Pa Hula 'Umoumou

E ho'i Ke Aloha Ni'ihau
Halau O Leihuluonalani
Aloha I Ka Nani O Maunaloa
Halau O Leihuluonalani
Kuko E Ka Manawa
Halau O Leihuluonalani
Manu O'oHalau O Leihuluonalani
Hana WaimeaHalau O Leihuluonalani
Hole WaimeaHalau O Leihuluonalani
KilaueaHalau O Leihuluonalani
Aia I Nu'uanu Kou Lei Nani
Halau O Leihuluonalani
He Mele Aloha No Puna
Halau O Leihuluonalani
Koke'eHalau O Leihuluonalani
WaiakeakuaHalau O Leihuluonalani
Ipo Lei ManuHalau O Leihuluonalani
I Hilo EHalau O Leihuluonalani

Ka Beauty A'O Manoa
Halau Ilima O Pololika
Lana'ikaulaHalau Ilima O Pololika
Mele AilanaHalau Ilima O Pololika
Ua Nani O Nu'uanaHalau Ilima O Pololika
Ka Huila WaiHalau Ilima O Pololika
Ka Wai Lehua A'ala ka Honua
Halau Ilima O Pololika
'Ike ia Kaunawahine
Halau Ilima O Pololika
Maui KamahaoHalau Ilima O Pololika
Makani PuhopuHalau Ilima O Pololika
Me ka Paulele Palena 'Ole
Halau Ilima O Pololika

Ka Ua KilihuneHula O Na Liko A'o Puna
Kani Ka ApapaneHula O Na Liko A'o Puna
Aia La O PeleHula O Na Liko A'o Puna

Hawai'i No E Ka OiHalau Nohona Hawai'i
Aia I He'eia
–Halau Nohona Hawai'i
No Ku'uipo I Ka Ua Noe
Halau Nohona Hawai'i
Waiahole E Halau Nohona Hawai'i
E Wai'anae Halau Nohona Hawai'i
Pu'uonioniHalau Nohona Hawai'i
Haleakala HulaHalau Nohona Hawai'i
No Luna I Ke Hale Kai No Ka Ma'alewa
Halau Nohona Hawai'i
Ku'uipo I Ke He'e Pu'e One
Halau Nohona Hawai'i
A Ko'olau AuHalau Nohona Hawai'i
Hilo HulaHalau Nohona Hawai'i
MaunaleoHalau Nohona Hawai'i
Kaka'ikahi kaHalau Nohona Hawai'i

Lei Hana I ka Makani Uluau'awa
Halau O Leilanionakupuna

Kauanoeanuhea Halau O Leilanionakupuna

E 'Ike I Ka Nani A O Hopoe Halau Kalama
Hanohano O MauiHalau Kalama

Ula Noweo Na Mana O Kipona Aloha
Wailele 'O 'Akaka Na Mana O Kipona Aloha
Ke Alaula Na Mana O Kipona Aloha

Ke Ao Nani Na Mana O Kipona Aloha

Nohili E Hau'oli Hula Halau
Ka Ua Kilihune Hau'oli Hula Halau

Hi'ilawe Na Opiopio I Orlando
Mokuoeo Na Opiopio I Orlando
Kipu Kai Na Opiopio I Orlando

Poli’ahu I Ke KapuHalau Kalama


designed to help our
Ohana keep in touch.



By attending, exhibiting or participating at the annual Ho’ike Hawai’i event, you are consenting to the collection and use of any personal images by photography and/or video recording. You also acknowledge these may be used for promotional purposes by Ho’ike Hawai’i, Inc. for current and future events.

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